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Toasting flutes from a one-man studio
 are the going-on creation of handcrafted signature etchings for those who see their glass as special as the wine, as the toast, and as the reason for same to begin with.

Mystic Irish Cuttings on Mugs in Glass & Crystal

Robert Joseph Rich is a Celtic-American Glass Artist of Old World Craft Descent. A throwback blending 19th Century technology and primitive methods in developing the trademark style of a career spanning more then 45 years. Etching glass from New York to Hollywood in the American experience of one armed only with little formal schooling, a God-given talent, and a flare for the mystical and otherworldly. Rich has traveled the nation going from street artist to studio master achieving excellence through reclusive self-education and old fashion hard work.

Here, only by the grace of God, at 65 years of age and internationally published, he is now an elder statesman of a dying art known to the ancient ones.

Come and see what old fashioned handcraft still has to offer.

Original Glass & Mirror Workings of Genuine Handcraft Treasure

Glass and Mirror Etching

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Robb Rich Glass Artist appears on WOR-TV, see the video
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