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True Handcrafted Hand etched glassware
Something Crystal This Way Comes

"Something Crystal This Way Comes"

Welcome to my art, if you like it, please call to order, and please take time before you call to gather your thoughts and questions neatly as we have some latitude on every glass and style.

It's only natural for an artist to favor those who support his art, so I won't mind going the extra mile with you if we keep it simple and do it right.

One unorthodox request on my part is that you send a self-addressed label with your order and payment for reasons that will be made clear when you call, along with all other shipping information.

To Order in U.S.A. Only
You Must Call
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. E.S.T.
Or if need be, leave message.

Outside U.S.A. Orders
Must Have U.S. Agent, Friend or Relative with U.S.A. Address

All Payments Must Be
U.S. Postal Money Order Only
Self-Addressed Shipping Label
With Applicable Sales Tax Added
Shipping and Handling