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a journey that starts with the first step first


If you are the kind of individual that loves to work with your hands and you are interested in the (mediums that cut glass) see my work, and hear my words, then come to know this craft of dedication.


The intrigues of every day glass

                 Starting your own company, boutique or craft house with glass and mirror can be something  very unique... but not given much attention through the years for the handcraft aspects of the  practice. Way back in the day, all your better glass shops had etched glass, and mirror. Even back in that time it was very necessary... it sat well with the warm wood in the soft lighting... it reflected a dance of light and shadow... day or night or candle light, and it speaks timelessness... to those who appreciate it for subtle beauty in any setting.


Students of the Etch & Glass Shop Universe

                Here is a craft you may decide to embrace and marry with your existing glass shop activities,  products, and services.   The building of Zen ...with related skills, and tools will serve you well. Remember ... your glass and mirror company starts in your mind, and is a conveyance that brings your art to the public eye.
                Over the years... I met a lot of people... men, women, kids, and couples who desired to have their own mom and pop shop or boutique glass studio... what I can teach... you can make possible.


"A caveat is not an hors d'oeuvre"

                 Now before we start talking about the glass etching school... let's get some hard facts of life out of the way... This is not an easy craft to learn...or...master... In fact it's hard... Very Hard and you're looking at a term of practice that most would give up on even in the very early stages.. You either got it or you don't. It's also going to cost you several thousand dollars to get started and if you are not properly  "prepared"  all you are going to do is waste your time and money...


That Elusive to Define Creativity

                 The University of Glass Etch Practice by Robb Rich will teach you to "prepare" to etched glass and  "think"  in terms of first things first, for methods, logistics, and even recipes... Remember this... Creativity that ages and matures... Cascades... in the mind and on-the-job. Beyond that there are repertoires, and multiple repertoires, and these things you must know and understand... A good Repertoire is a whole bunch of stuff right in your back pocket that comes out fast and serves its purpose.

                 There are many artists who have a stable of characters to draw from in their repertoire, Disney with Mickey, and Goofy, Warner Bros. with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, you know the classics.
Kidding aside, it is good and important for an artist to establish and polish a repertoire in a search for excellence, and diversity. This is an approach that should be embraced during your down times. That is to say... Product  Development.
You must build on experience because there's only so many hours in a lifetime. With sincere and determined practice your hour of excellence will come.


Quicksilver of Creativity

Difficulties to Define

                Now as for multiple repertoires,  let me say this, "In my father's house there are many mansions", said the Lord, and I'm here to tell you that I have found this to be true in all aspects of my career... in my father's house there are many mansions, and creativity expands exponentially. That elusive thing called  "creativity"...  you may tap deep inside, or find it just off the top of your head... it will come and go in the wink of an eye and the beat of a heart, so you must always adjust your schedule to the serendipity.  There is a great deal that can, and will be said about creativity in this School for Glass Etch Practice... So stay tuned... you won't be sorry.


"Professional Concern"

                 Cutting glass is a practice just like a doctor or lawyer or architect... All necessary " preparations" must be made before execution of purpose . The importance of your objective is to not make mistakes on your first try with a very expensive or delicate piece of glass... You must be prepared, "To get it right the first time"  practice and preparation are your best tools, and secrets, and I will expound on this another time in the curriculum.

                When you enter this craft you never stop practicing... It is just like music... And you better take it seriously and hit the right note... because glass is a very  dangerous  and  temperamental  material and is not conducive to a cavalier attitude in its handling, nor does it suffer  fools gladly... when broken it is actually an expression of elegance... in its structure, and sharpness... and intimidation.


Now let's talk about Structure

                 In this craft your structure all depends on getting control of your machines, and getting control of these machines is tantamount to getting control of one or more musical instruments... There is no faking it.

                " you must get control of the machines"    this is the essence of it all, if you don't have control of these machines and you're not prepared, the ball game is over. You must have structure.

                You should definitely be on the ball with your art and its interpretation in this medium.  Some of the cutters and grinding stones you're going to be working with are 35,000 RPM... that's very fast. When you put that to the glass, you want to be sure, and confident that line is going to go exactly where you want it to go. So if you consider yourself a sharp individual you should be sharp enough to know right now whether you sincerely think or feel that you can take on this craft without fooling yourself and wasting a lot of money, and that's around $ 5000 on the
(announcement date)


Study of the Photos

                When you begin to make an initial study of all website material, and photographic archive, you need to know right up front that at some time in your experience with this craft you're going to need to be able to look at each one of these photographs and within a couple of seconds reverse engineer  the entire job. That means you must know what was used, where it was used, and how long it was used, when it comes to tooling.


     Preparation and Practice are key words and thoughts in this Craft

                 When you get to the point where you can reverse engineer, you will also attain the capability of seeing its construction in the eye of your mind, to determine time, supply, and difficulty, if you take this craft into a commercial direction.

                  If you're thinking about this as a hobby... remember all the fees and procedures and dangers are the same. The difference between professional and amateur is  "Attitude"  A hobby is not meant to carry the same stressful circumstances as it would in a commercial situation when  money changes hands and completion dates are expected and approached. So let me say again and always to the novice or the initiated..." always keep an eye on your own prospective"


Wishing and Working

                The very first manifestation of curiosity is that, of those, who wish to be initiates in the craft, and channel their thoughts to go beyond the wishing stages. It is the doing that becomes the real  journey. So get off your ass and work, remember it all starts in the mind. That is the first step of the journey.

                It is a very small number that I speak to now. So listen close, Those of you who take this course and succeed ,passing by the pitfalls, and achieve proficiency, will be very happy with themselves in a couple of years. You will be among a very small number of absolutely incredible artists that will be a major influence in the art glass industry around the world in the future. The glass industry is an industry I am very proud to be a part of, and the same will be expected of you.


        Students who become Initiates of notoriety

                It is important for you to know the difference between fame and notoriety... Fame can come by accident and turn up empty. Notoriety  must be achieved and earned , and can improve with age. This is important to know because even in the very beginnings of your proficiency you will probably start getting some publicity, even if it's just your hometown news paper, for starters.

                Anyone who knows the value and rewards of intense practice in any pursuit,  especially in handicraft dexterity... will find this art opening up a new world in craftsmanship.

                 From pen and ink to fine airbrush, and electric pencil, from air tools, and carving machines, to hand drill, flex shaft,  and sand carver, and the list goes on. It's what we call mixed media. And you will do it all, if you choose Robb Rich as your teacher                Most importantly ...if you have dexterity and experience with that dexterity, you stand a much better chance at succeeding in this craft. And you have to get started when you are young and mistakes are more forgivable.



If you are under 18 years old and you feel  you are mature enough, and determined to approach this craft, then you must do so with the consent and cooperation of your parents or legal guardian. This space of time is a great space of time in your life to nurture creativity, less demands and distractions.

                If you are 18 to 30 years old...OK.  this is a time when you have the energy to do the work and build the business and a reputation at the same time... So go for it.

                If you are over 30 it's time for the bad news. If you have been working the craft all through your 20s then you can take it into your 30s 40s 50s and beyond. If you are thinking about starting out in your 30s it will take you until you're in your 40s to learn everything you should have known in your 20s and that is the long way of saying forget about it, unless you're an individual of extraordinary determination, and discipline then I guess we could work something out.

                The good news is if you had good solid practice with some other crafts and skills in the past, and  you feel comfortable getting into this craft, then I would suggest that you do so with a sincere attitude of augmenting your artistic activities in the present and taking the direction of making it a commercial hobby. But remember there will be an investment on your part of several thousand dollars.  (When the tutorials are released)  You must stay tuned for the release date next year, there will be an announcement.

                Whatever your age or intention you can find it to be a very rewarding craft if you keep your nose to the grindstone. If you are really sincere about doing this craft... you must start off by working the study and study the work. I keep repeating myself when I tell the students keep looking at the pictures that's where you see the tricky work... rather than a verbal explanation of same. You can talk till the cows come home, but one picture still speaks 1000 words... or more.


  A Treasure Map to the Etch

                 In my website  and  YouTube world, I have many pictures, and these pictures can be seen on the following websites  (vessel quest.com )  &  (rjrichcutglass.com )  Art Glass Museum Gallery for students of the etch, architects, design professionals ,and the curious public. Here you will find a treasure map to the etch as I constantly remind you to study the photography.

                 If you sincerely intend to become a student and take this craft up as a practice then you must stay tuned for the Announcement Date of  Robb Rich Tutorials  for the University of Glass Etch Practice...

...thus begins the years long weeding out process...
There is magic when one is introduced to the many intrigues of a simple every day thing we call glass.