All Etchings and Engraving respond beautifully to varying lights


Engravings unavailable by any other means, medium or devise, not by laser or with computer fonts

NEW YORK METRO Engraving Service Available

Proof through the night true handcraft
has a look and feel all its a dream.

Beginning with a strong, elegant, lead free blank, Rich brings a blend of mixed media, multi-stone and diamond cutting to confirm the benchmark handcraft of a museum gracefulness, and luster. Finally, dressed in a lovely fabric pouch for presentation.


The Calligraphy of Robb Rich
in American Primitive

Stems Set in
Satin Splash Full Satin Format

Carved Free Form Script

Friendship Romance
Wedding Anniversary

A Name A Date
A Loving Message
Some Magic Words

Note: Stems are Clear Note: Stems are Clear and Frosted Satin Splash
$55.00 each
$110.00 pair
$65.00 each
$130.00 pair

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"Bringing One to Understand"

The elusive to define creative process, like an undulating vein of gold, runs through the plain and every day nature of a one-man studio. In the painstaking procedure of jewelers handcraft, enthusiasm and concentration carry the day.

Note: Stems are Full Frosted
$65.00 each - $130.00 pair

Everything else is an unnecessary interruption leading to down time and non-activity in the craft.

With only so many hours in a day, only one to several glasses a day are hand-cut. A yearly maximum can vary from as many as 900 or as little as 300. When these orders are filled a list goes into the next year. Please keep this in mind when making long range plans.

Some years a list can be dominated by several clients ordering larger quantities, or by 450 couples obtaining pairs, it's just that simple.


The Light of Evening

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A Study in Script

Coming Soon To a Toast Near You

Vessel Quest - the Official Toast of Happily Ever After
Navigating the Vessel Quest
True Handcrafted Hand etched glassware